Here at Eagle Heights we assist with conservation work using a variety of ways.


Conservation Demonstrations

We pride ourselves in giving some of the best conservation demonstrations in the UK. These are fundamental in inspiring people to get more involved in conserving the planet we live on.


Rehabilitation of wild rescued Birds

EHWF has rescued many sick and injured birds since opening in 1996. Sometimes all they need is a safe environment to recover from minor problems and then be released. We also help young birds that fall from the nest and are unable to survive un aided. We teach them skills to hunt for themselves so they can be put back into their natural environment.


Saying no to poisons!

EHWF is completely against the use of any weed killer, poison and other types of chemicals that harm the environment. We urge visitors to follow our example and avoid the use of harmful substances.


Landscaping is not our style…

We understand that landscape gardening looks very nice, however this isn't always beneficial to our wildlife. When visiting Eagle Heights please do bear this in mind. We deliberately leave as many area's over grown/dedicated to wildlife as possible. This is a proven method to maintain a healthy ecosystem within Eagle Heights.


These areas are full of invertebrates which benefit our wild song birds. Whilst visiting do take a moment to look and appreciate just how many different species can be seen! We pride ourselves on how much Eagle Heights benefits the local wildlife. ‚Äč


We also have specifically planted areas for wild birds, butterflies and bee's, long grass areas for shrews, voles, barn owls, kestrels etc. Reclaimed wood built bird boxes for nesting song birds and bird tables as well as lots of insect hotels, wild native hedging, we have recently planted 100 native trees around our Centre donated by The Woodland Trust.



Recycling is actively encouraged at Eagle Heights for all staff and visitors.

We started our recycling campaign in 2002 and years later we are proud of our achievements in this area.


We recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Printer cartridges
  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Paper
  • Electrical goods
  • Batteries


We are also keen to use recycled materials for our enclosures and general building works. Where possible we will use wood from windfalls, reclaimed materials etc.

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