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All visitors, MUST pre-book their tickets online via our website. No entry will be gained without pre-booking. We have put safety measures in place to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit. More information can be found when purchasing tickets

Educational Trips

Stimulate the pupils interest in the marvels of nature and make them aware of how important it is to conserve wildlife and the habitat that supports all living creatures, including themselves.

A wide range of subjects are covered within the National Curriculum including life processes, living things, adaptation, food chains, camouflage, flight, population dynamics, predator-prey relationships, pollution and habitat destruction.

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Husky Summer Camp 2019!

The Husky experience is now offering you the chance to camp with our huskies! With spectacular views across the Darenth Valley, husky hugs round the camp fire, and waking up to the beautiful sound of singing song birds in the morning this truly is an unforgettable experience.

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Mission Statement

To assist the general public in their understanding of animals and the natural environment in which we and they live.

To cultivate leadership.

To encourage philanthropic practices, and a good level of respect for all.

To encourage the general public, and our staff to be aware of the impact that their behaviour will have on the environment and those around them.

To provide affordable, educational and outdoor recreational activities in a safe, clean and inviting environment for people of all ages and backgrounds through sound business and management practices which do not affect the local environment.

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