Jurassic Challenge '18

Why are we raising money?

Good question! We are raising money to improve the lives of our Eagles housed at Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation because their current accommodation is 21 years old and although it might be considered adequate we feel they need an upgrade to modern standards. Although the cost for this has been quoted at £15,000 we are looking for assistance from you, the public, for £5000. As a small Foundation/Animal Sanctuary we find it very hard to have excess funds left over for the improvements.

We do not expect to just be given the money in donations without putting in our own physical and mental effort and this is why the girls here at Eagle Heights have set themselves a enormous challenge! None of the girls have done anything like this before!


What the girls say:

In case you didn’t know, 2018 is The Year of the Woman!

Over the years, us ladies have watched and supported the male members of Eagle Heights as they have embarked on many fundraising challenges and successfully raised thousands of pounds towards projects for the animals. WELL DONE BOYS


We think, anything you can do… we can do…(better?)!


We have decided to take on the Jurassic 100k challenge! This involves 3 days of hiking the entire length of The Jurassic Coast.


In an attempt to raise money for our very own living Dinosaurs! If you can, please spare a moment and few pounds to help us raise money for our wonderful animals!! If anyone would like to sponsor part of the challenge, it will be heavily publicised on all our Social Media Outlets with thousands of followers. We are happy to wear company logos etc.

So who is taking part?

There will be 5 of us embarking on this Jurassic Journey… Daisy Ames, Sophie Waller, Samantha Ames, Flic Smith & Sandy Flint. For those of you that have met us… we can already hear the laughter… for those that haven’t…. Just wait! We are a mixture of unfit, unwilling, unsavvy and just plain unbelievable! We plan to document our ‘training’ as well and the entire challenge from start to finish for your information and inevitable amusement! *Cue inspirational music….* WAIT! What is that we hear.........the boys are taking up a more difficult challenge? Really............... so they think they can raise more money than the girls.....

What is their challenge?

They are still undecided, that is how unorganised they are!!!!!! Like they can beat the girls!


Eagle Heights Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation dedicated to Education and Conservation. Founded in 1996 we have rescued and rehabilitated 100s of birds, educated 1000s of people and raised ££££s for Conservation Projects all over the world. Based in Kent, we pride ourselves on being a great day out for all ages, as well a go-to hub for Educational visits and information. Our newest addition this year has been Tyrannous, the female Steller’s Sea Eagle who has joined ‘Rex’ our male to captivate audiences and inspire the next generations interest in the natural world. We also recently discovered that our infamous Vulture ‘Harold’ whom was believed to be a male for over 20 years… has revealed HER-self!


For full information about our work, please contact Sam at office@eagleheights.co.uk or call me on 01322 866 577 to discuss Media coverage and corporate sponsorship.

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